An underlying cause for recurrent miscarriage is found in approximately 60% of women with recurrent miscarriage. This means that in 40% of cases no cause is found. This can often cause major distress to women, although in fact "normal findings" should be reassuring, and leave a woman with a high chance of success in subsequent pregnancies.
All patients will be offered the following tests:

  • Tests offered
    • Our knowledge and understanding of early pregnancy events are limited. This explains why in up to 40% of couples we cannot identify a cause for their recurrent miscarriage. It is therefore vital that research is an integral part of our recurrent miscarriage service. New ideas on causation and treatment will continue to evolve, and the above investigative protocol will be continually revised to reflect this.

      Some investigations and treatments will be controversial and lead to intense debate. Our service philosophy is to ensure that the patient is aware of any uncertainties about new investigations and treatments. In this way, couples needs and concerns are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and can therefore participate in choices and decisions with the understanding that they are fully informed.